Hey there! My name is Annie. I’m 21, and going to school to be an elementary teacher.

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Oh, and I’m married. To a farmer.


I grew up in rural Iowa, but never actually lived in the country until October 2012. It has been a HUGE transition from “town kid” to “farmer’s wife”, but it has been so much fun! My husband and his family raise 6,000 hogs and 130 cattle on top of planting and harvesting about 2,000 acres of corn and soy beans. We have two pups named Jazz and Max, and live in a little old farm house surrounded by pasture and crop ground.

The main point of this blog is that I love to cook.  I am dragging my husband, Cass, on the journey with me from the college diet of ramen noodles and frozen pizza to “real” food, while trying to maintain a budget, schedule around our very busy lives, and attempt to eat healthier. This is my story of loving food, and defending the farmers and ag industry that bring it all to the table.

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