Stitch Fix Review! (Box #2)

This was the best. Fix. Ever.  I got Ashlyn as my stylist again, and she listened to my requests for a non-shoulder-padded blazer and some more colorful blouses.

Spoiler alert: I kept everything!

It was about 100 degrees outside when I got this Fix, so trying on this blazer was a little torturous, but I suffered through the heat! This is a French terry blazer in heather grey by 41Hawthorn. I love the zipper details and, of course, the fit. I also like that this blazer has full-length sleeves and is super cozy- perfect for teaching in chilly classrooms!

Verdict: Keep and stare at it hanging in closet until October.

I was so happy to get my first pair of pants from StitchFix! My mom and sister are Fix Junkies, and they both have really cute, colorful pairs of jeans from SF.  I’m not daring enough to wear mint or bright pink skinnies, so this dark grey pair works great. These are by Henry & Belle, and they go with just about everything in my closet.

Verdict: Definitely keep!

The photo just doesn’t do this shirt justice! It’s a crew neck blouse by Sweet Rain, and I love the confetti-like colors that keep this top from being too stuffy. It has blue, purple, neon orange, green, and pink sprinkled throughout- so cute and playful! You can’t really tell without it being on (Sorry, I’m no model!) but it has a really flow-y fit and a keyhole in the back. I wore it to date night last week, and it was perfect!

Verdict: Keep and refrain from wearing it constantly.

Okay, I won’t lie, my mom and sister had to talk me into this one. When I first tried it on, it felt SO stiff and uncomfortable. That was also in my 95 degree bathroom, almost immediately after trying on my blazer- I should’ve taken an ice bath inbetween. I tried it on again later (in a much cooler environment) and decided it was good enough to keep. The color is gorgeous, and it’s almost tunic-like so I can wear it with leggings and still be teacher appropriate. Definite win.

Verdict: Dab the sweat off, and keep.



This was my favorite piece out of the whole Fix! I pinned a tank top in this exact same color and VOILA- it appeared! This tank by Skies are Blue has a loose fit and modest neckline much like my confetti top. The back is what makes this tank really special! The straps twist to make a knot, and when it’s on, a little keyhole is exposed.  I wore this top to a bachelorette party with my gold necklace from the last Fix and got so many compliments.

Verdict: Keep. Duh.

If this Fix isn’t enough to convince you to sign up, here’s Five Reasons Why StitchFix Rocks:

  1. It’s like online shopping, but you don’t have to pay for shipping or worry about the hassle of returns.
  2. You get to try on everything in the comfort of your home. No dressing room waiting lines, no children mistaking you for their mother and crawling under the door. (Ha!)
  3. You have THREE DAYS to mix and match the pieces with clothes that you already own. Have you ever purchased something at the mall only to regret it because it doesn’t go with anything you have? Yeah. Not a problem anymore.
  4. The brands are ones I’d never even heard of before! Everyone will be asking where you got your clothes, because no one else will have the same top that you do! (True story: in about 40 boxes between my mom, my sister, and I, none of us have ever gotten the same piece.)
  5. YOU control when your Fixes come! It can be as often as 2-3 weeks, or just once every few months- or you can cancel for free! Upgrade your wardrobe whenever you want!

Sign up with my referral code, and let me know what you get!


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