StitchFix Review! (Box #1)

Hey, everybody!

It’s been a looooooong time since I’ve posted, but I thought this would be the perfect place to explain one of my latest obsessions: StitchFix! In case you’ve never heard of it, StitchFix is an online clothing service that makes shopping SO much easier! To get started, you fill out an extensive style survey. You let them know what fabrics, patterns, and colors you like/dislike; your age, size, and body proportions; and what kind of clothes you are looking for! They also leave room for you to connect links to your Pinterest boards so you can show them exactly what you want.  Pretty neat, huh?

Your own PERSONAL stylist will review your survey (and Pinterest boards!) then send you a box with five different pieces inside. You get to keep the clothes for three days to decide what you love and what you want to send back. Sending the rejects back is FREE, and all you have to do next is checkout online and pay for the clothes you keep! Easy peasy!

Now, for the cost- it is a little more expensive than what my normal shopping budget is. (I’m a Maurice’s junky!) However, the cost matches the quality. All of the clothes from StitchFix are from great brands and look much nicer than any Maurice’s item. But here’s the breakdown:

  • Right off the bat, your credit card is charged $20. This is your “Styling Fee”, and you’ll be charged $20 for every box you receive, BUT if you keep anything from your box, it’s $20 off. So really, unless you hate everything in your box, you get the money back.
  • When you do your style profile signing up, they ask for your price range on each item- tops, pants, dresses, jewelry, bags. You can pick anywhere from “minimum” to $200. I chose “minimum” for all of my categories, and my clothes so far have ranged from $45-100 per piece.
  • If you keep every item in your Fix, you get 25% off! That saved me $80 on my last Fix. Worth it!

Intrigued? Here’s what I got in my very first StitchFix…

This is a 3/4 ruched sleeve blazer by 41Hawthorn. I requested a blazer, because I’m trying to build up a nice teacher wardrobe, but this was a miss. I liked the navy color, but the shoulders were padded, making me feel very Ron Burgandy. Ugh.

Verdict: Hard pass.

This is a sleeveless blouse by Brixon Ivy. I loved the colors in this shirt and the extra length on the back. The material was really soft and silky! However, when I tried it on, I thought it made me look kind of box-y.  I wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t.

Verdict: Pass!

I LOVE maxi dresses, so I was super excited to pull this one by Renee C. out of my Fix! The blues and greens are so pretty together, and I especially liked the racer back and modest neckline.  I thought the vertical stripes were very flattering on me. Added bonus: it was actually long enough! Nothing annoys me more than a maxi dress that doesn’t cover my ankles.

Verdict: Keep, obvi!

I LOVED this tank top by Pixley! My Pinterest board is full of stripes, so I was really happy to see that my stylist, Ashlyn, had actually looked at it! It looks nice and flow-y, a perfect summer tank, except for one thing- it didn’t fit! It was way too small around my chest, causing the rest of the breezy top to just hang awkwardly. I was so disappointed that it didn’t work, because it was a Pinterest-perfect style fit for me.

Verdict: Tearful Pass

And last but not least… a bauble statement necklace by Bancroft! I’m have a serious crush on gold and rose gold jewelry. Want to know a secret? I got this Fix on a Saturday afternoon, and wore this necklace to a wedding that same night (before I paid for it! Hehe!)

Verdict: Keep and love and cherish!

I sent the rejects back, and kept my beloved necklace and maxi dress. Not a bad first Fix! I made sure at checkout to leave comments for my stylist so that next Fix would be even better- and it was! (I’ll show you those in another post!)

Wanna give StitchFix a shot?  It’s seriously the best shopping experience you could ask for! Use my referral code and let me know what you got in your Fix!


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